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"From my very first contact with Best's Hot Water Heating I felt that I'd made the right decision by calling this locally owned company. I had gotten quotes from larger companies but always felt that my questions were left unanswered. I was told by a friend at work to call Best's. They'd heard good things. As a mentioned, from the very first contact with John and Kim I felt that I'd made the right decision. John answered all my questions and came to replace my furnace within a few days. One of the first things that really impressed me was the realization that he was working day and night to ensure people would get their furnaces replaced and repaired before the cold weather hit.

When the crew came to replace the furnace they were very friendly, efficient and respectful. My furnace was replaced in a day! To sum up my overall experience with this company I would say that I'm "completely satisfied" and would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks so much John and Kim."

Nicole F.

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"Thank you again John for the great job you did with our oil tank removal and installation. You do awesome work. George and I are very pleased and we will certainly recommend you!

Again thanks."

Gail and George S.

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I would highly recommend Best’s Hot Water Heating. Their patience with us was much appreciated during a family emergency which caused a two month delay. When they installed our new furnace and oil tank they took care to cover our floors with a drop cloth so that no dirt was left in our living area which they had to bring everything through both coming in and taking out. All of our old material was removed with care and diligence and our basement area was completely clean before they left. They are true professionals.

Thank you very much to John and his staff."

Wolfgang H.

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"Good day, 

I would like to extend a note of appreciation for the quality of service provided by John Best's Heating Services. As you know, the growing concern about Kitec heating pipe in residential housing has become a real issue when selling or purchasing in HRM. After making the decision to remove the Kitec piping from our house, it was recommended to me by past customers that John Best and his staff would be the best choice. This is not an easy job and can be a stressful experience for the homeowner if not dealt with or carried out in the correct manner.

I must say that the prompt service that was extended by John and his staff was appreciated. He answered all of our queries and was very professional and upfront with what the job would entail. They did their utmost to manage the amount of damage and used recycled material to keep costs down.

Keep up the good work. Once again, thank you for the good service and I wish the company a lot of success.


Dale and Cathy

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"Hi John. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy we were with the service we received from your company. After having my hot water boiler develop a major leak, the heating company I was under contract with told me it needed to be replaced. I found this hard to believe considering it was not even 10 years old. To make matters worse, the company that had manufactured the boiler had changed hands, meaning there was no warranty. I was looking at spending thousands on a new boiler so I called a couple companies to quote for comparison. I was so lucky that one of those companies was Best's Hot Water Heating. When John arrived he quickly came to the conclusion that my system was repairable. He said he would love to sell me a new boiler, but felt this one had many years left in it. John was true to his word and the boiler was repaired quickly, saving me thousands. We will be calling Best's Hot Water Heating from now on! Thanks John and Kim.


– Bill and Jennifer D.

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"Hello John. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to you and the two gentlemen that replaced our tank this morning.

They'd run into traffic issues and instead of just showing up late they took the time to call and let me know. I really appreciated this as it shows that your company and employees respect people's time.

Once they arrived they got straight to work. I work out of my home office and was scheduled for a meeting at this time. When my call was over I went to check on the progress and see if there might be a need to inform the oil delivery folks of a delay... due to the late start I'd anticipated that might be necessary ...but to my surprise, not only were your crew just about finished, they'd actually been ready when the oil delivery had arrived sooner than scheduled.

They we very pleasant, did a great job and in record time! I can assure you that word of mouth advertising will be on my agenda, as you were recommended to me, I intend to recommend you to others as well. Please pass my gratitude along to your employees. I regret I didn't catch their names.


– Heather C.


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